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An access control system is a much more effective way to lock out wanderers or even burglars than a door locking system. Keys can be dropped, forgotten or even copied. However, when you use an access control system you are allowing entrance only by way of personal identification.

Therefore, no one but authorised employees or visitors would be allowed to enter the building in the first place. Secondly, an access control system can protect against the spread of confidential information. Not only does having no security access control system leave the company open to espionage, it also leaves open the very real possibility of human error, as a means of access control system breach.

The new generation of access control system technology now allows the use of smart cards, bar codes, magnetic striping and digital cameras. There is even biometric technology available for access control system units that allow bodily identification of personnel.

Whether you are attempting to protect a physical building full of staff or are restricting access to a database, there is software that can help you

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